For a quick and easy snack classic, simply heat a pair of Frankfurters in water and serve with goulash juice and a bread roll. This is how easy it is to prepare this popular fast food classic which is served in pubs and, above all, from the famous sausage stands which can be seen across the country. Regardless of whether you enjoy them with a drink, as an afternoon snack or as supper, Austrians love this flavoursome sausage – “Würstel mit Saft”!



Directions for Würstel mit Saft

  1. Heat Frankfurters in the water and serve with the goulash juice and a bread roll. That’s it!


Besides the Wiener Schnitzel, hardly any other dish has become as well-known internationally as the Frankfurter which was developed in Vienna and originally only eaten by the poor and students. Usually served with mustard and/or horseradish and a bread roll, Frankfurters were sold from the sausage carts which could be seen on the streets during the day or night. It wasn’t until the 1960s that permanent stands were allowed in Vienna and the sausages became world famous. The Viennese version of the Frankfurter is called a “Wiener Würstchen” (Viennese sausage) in Germany and “Wienerli” in Switzerland.