Regardless of the time of the year and the weather in Vienna: There’s always comfort in eating the right food. Rainy, stormy weather? Have some delicious sweets! Hot and stuffy? Eat some refreshing salad! So there is really no reason to let any kind of weather spoil your day!

If you are planing a visit to Vienna have a quick look what to expect weather wise: Vienna Weather by Month

The climate in the Austrian capital Vienna is divided into four quite clear seasons. Each has its own special features.

Blooming spring in Vienna
In spring the chestnut trees bloom in Vienna’s Prater and the first pub gardens are open. Once in a while you can already enjoy the coffee outside. The many parks and forests in and around Vienna offer great hiking possibilities in the reawakened nature.

Hot summer at the city!
Summer in Vienna can be really hot! So it is a relieve that the many Viennese Heurigen offer a welcome refreshment with a G’spritzter and there is excellent ice cream on every corner. And while public open air pools or the Old Danube invite you to dive into cool water, along the Danube Canal a varied culinary scene invites you to linger, while staying dry. And of course the Viennese spend a lot of time barbecuing – in their own garden, on the balcony or on general areas provided by the city. If there are heavy summer thunderstorms or more extensive rainy periods, you can flee to one of the many museums, visit Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere, numerous churches or some of the other cultural sights.

Styrian Food in the vineyard
A summer treat in Vienna – hot weather and tasty food!
Credit: photoflorenzo – iStock / Getty Images Plus

Wine loving autumn
Autumn bathes the many parks and the famous vineyards of the city in a golden light and it’s time for the grape harvest. That is why everywhere in the city you will find stalls selling “Sturm” ( partially fermented grapes). And since good wine goes well with good food many restaurants offer traditional game dishes. The huge tourist rush is over, the weather often offers wonderfully sunny days and cool nights.

Festive winter
The winter in Vienna is cold and grey and sometimes brings even snow and frost, but the Christmas markets with hot mulled wine, the many chestnut stalls in the streets and the sparkling decorations warm locals and visitors in a pleasant way.
So Vienna is worth a visit at any time of year and in any weather!

Christmas market on Rathausplatz in Vienna.
Weather in Vienna in Winter is cold but the city is still worth a visit!
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