“The sound of music” is world famous. The story of the singing Trapp family, which appeared as a book in 1949, was immortalized as a musical and a film. It has drawn additional international attention to Salzburg, some critics think in a rather kitschy way. But for many people who are not only interested in opera and classical music it is still a good reason to visit.
And while you are there… don´t miss one of the world´s best desserts!

World famous “The Sound of Music”

Visit Film-Settings
Since the late 1960s, fans from all over the world have been visiting the romantic shooting locations of the film. These so called “Sound-of-Music-Tours” include various film settings like Schloss Leopoldskron, the Gazebo at Schloss Hellbrunn or the church of Mondsee.

One of the famous locations in Salzburg where Sound of Music was shooted
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World famous sound of music
Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace and the venue of the annual top-class “Salzburg Festival”, offers the numerous guests musical delicacies. All the world’s outstanding opera singers have performed in Salzburg. Every year guests from all over the world come to Salzburg to enjoy performing arts and music of the highest quality.

Culinary highlights – unique compositions
Not only for the music but also for the food Salzburg is worth a visit!
The most popular dish is the Salzburger Nockerl. This is a must for every visitor and described as “Sweet as love and tender as a kiss”. It’s a fluffy mixture of sugar, egg and flour. For many it is one of the world´s best desserts!
The Mozartkugeln are especially recommended for taking home! Finest pistachio marzipan coated in dark and light praline cream as well as finest rich dark chocolate. A truly unique composition which will charm your taste buds just as much as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s works manage to do this acoustically. They are still made in Salzburg and according to the ancient tradition.

Salzburger Nockerl is a sweet traditional Austrian dish, which is served symbolically in the form of the three Salzburg local mountains.
For some Austrians, Salzburger Nockerl may be nothing more than hot air whilst others may think it is the best dessert in the world. Try it!

Modern culinary experience
Today Salzburg has a vibrant top-tier food scene. Although there are a lot of award-winning restaurants, there is still the friendly manner of rural hospitality. Chefs are cooking with fresh, locally produced, seasonal and regional ingredients. Get spoiled by Salzburg’s culinary scene!

Editors Book Recommendation: The Trapp Cookbook

The Trapp Cookbook
How to cook like the famous Trapp Family from The Sound of Music

Imagine the delicious aromas that must have wafted from the kitchen when Johanna Raudaschl cooked for the Trapp family. The finest soups, roasts and sweet buns were daily fare in the Salzburg villa. Johanna Raudaschl lived there almost as part of the family, as she recalls vividly in her memoirs. She began collecting her recipes – for both food and life – where she grew up, an illegitimate child, in the modest rural surroundings of the Salzkammergut (Austria’s lake district). Her grandmother taught her the secrets of cooking and baking. During her apprentice years she refined her culinary skills, and the Trapp family then benefited from her resourcefulness in the kitchen. She handed down her treasured recipes to her grand-daughter Irmgard Wöhrl, who tried them out and now, together with journalist and biographer Caroline Kleibel, reveals them in the context of the moving story of Johanna Raudaschl’s life.

108 pages, tasty photos, 21x21cm, english, ISBN 978-3-0676-6
You can order online: Pustet Pubishing House, € 19,00