It is cut and scratch-resistant, induction-capable, easy to clean and does not alter the taste of the food prepared in it – Porcelain enamel has many advantages. This was also the idea of the Austrian RIESS family almost a hundred years ago, when they began manufacturing tableware from this easy-care material in 1922.

RIESS loves and lives for porcelain enamel…

Porcelain enamel is a natural material and nothing more than glass on iron, which is melted together in the kiln at 850 degrees and becomes a fine cookware, which is also the best for healthy cooking, roasting and baking. Many people associate it in their memories with warm milk or grandma’s Gugelhupf. Enamel is ancient or quite young, depending on which side you tell your story from.

Highest porcelain enamel quality “made in Austria”… 

One thing is fore sure: The RIESS-Emaille manufactory in Ybbsitz in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel, between gentle hilly country and wildly romantic mountain world, is the only cookware manufacturer in Austria and meanwhile the family business is well known far beyond the national borders.

“Handmade with LOVE”…

… this thought applies not only to us while cooking, but also to RIESS. Every single piece in the RIESS-Emaille manufactory is lovingly made by hand in up to 40 manual steps and, thanks to our own water power, CO2-neutral: First and foremost, the sheet iron is punched into the appropriate shape, dipped several times in enamel and fired in the kiln in order to pack it. Last but not least in environmentally friendly paper and ship it out into the wide world. Consumers then hold in their hands a product that is almost indestructible. And this is even more so when used and cared for correctly. With which it fulfils all the criteria that are more and more desired nowadays.

RIESS goes Classic to Modern:

What used to be considered a mere commodity is now a real cult item. The traditional brand goes with the times and is anything but still. With the practical cooking pot sets, in addition to the proven brand quality, the kitchen cupboards also have a charming retro flair. Cooking like grandma’s, but “on modern” is en vogue thanks to RIESS not only in Austria, but worldwide. So the fat of the famous Wiener Schnitzel comes from the Schmalztopf, the fluffy Marble Cake is baked in high-quality Gugelhupf tin and the hearty Egg Dumplings are served old school or super trendy – see it the way you want it – in the Schlemmerpfandl.

In addition to kitchen helpers in classic white, there are pots with/without flanges, bowls with/without stems, sieves, mugs and the like in delicate pastel colours as well as with well-known flower or animal designs – there is something for every taste, so to speak, as RIESS has a large pool of shapes, colours and designs. The various products of “Riess-Emaille” made it all over the world to cult lifestyle objects.

And let’s be honest… it’s much better to prepare deliciously fragrant dishes in beautiful, high-quality crockery and/or serve them right away – isn’t it?