In Piccantino’s online shop, you’ll find an enchanting selection of ingredients for cooking up sumptuous cuisine. Quick, uncomplicated shipping and first-class customer service get you started on your way to unforgettable culinary experiences!

Piccantino’s catalogue centres around items you can use to make delicious, home-cooked dishes. Whether you are pampering your loved ones with their favourite meals or spoiling yourself with a luxurious feast, you’ll find the finest herbs, spices, cooking oils, beverages and delicacies at Piccantino. Not only can you engage your palate, but you’ll also find the right cooking utensils, tools and beautiful flatware to plate your food in a way that is sure to treat the eyes as well!

Customers in Germany and Austria have the opportunity to order fresh Austrian foods like meat, sausages or vegetables picked up directly from local farms. The produce is then carefully packed in a cooler for shipping.

Based in Austria, Piccantino works closely with local producers to ensure the best regional quality but does not limit themselves solely to Austrian partnerships.  Ever expanding, Piccantino’s range is filled with products from partners across the globe, so you can enjoy international flavours and indulge in exotic cuisines, all from the comfort of your home.

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Don Piccantoni: A Flavourful Journey Through Europe

Don Piccantoni is one of Piccantino’s private label brands. The range is made up of spice mixtures that are unique to local cuisine from nine European countries. Whip up pasta, paella or pork roasts in a jiffy with these reliable seasonings!

The Piccantino online shop was founded in 2014. Enjoy browsing over 8,000 different products from more than 300 brands. The shop is available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and France and has already shipped to over 51,000 people, helping them get their next meals and goodies on the table faster!

Each week, Piccantino advertises new products, news, trends and sales in an e-Newsletter.

The Brains Behind the Operation

Piccantino is part of the niceshops group. niceshops GmbH is an Austrian company specialising in developing and managing online shops. At the moment, niceshops operates over 35 online shops in various niche markets from natural cosmetics to food supplements, E-bikes to swimming pools. The company’s warehouse, headquarters and logistics centre are all based on one plot of land in Paldau, in southeastern Styria. Here they store all of the products that are sold in their shops. At the moment, there are over one million products on the shelves!

Around 230 people are currently working at niceshops, each doing their best to give every customer the best possible shopping experience.

Despite how different each online shop is, all of niceshops’ online shops do have a few things in common. Each shop offers:

  • A carefully selected catalogue
  • Excellent quality
  • An effortless returns policy
  • Fast checkout and delivery

Piccantino offers quick, friendly customer service per email, where customer service experts stand ready to answer your questions as soon as you have them.