Say it like the locals! Some often used terms of the Austrian cuisine. From bloody Blunze to earthy Erdäpfel. And you simply need to know what Palatschinke is…

Aspik -> aspic 
Beiried -> rib cut of beef 
Beuschel -> veal or lamb lung and heart 
Blaukraut -> red cabbage 
Blunze -> blood sausage 
Broesel -> finely grated, dry breadcrumbs made from leftover rolls or white bread (or from sweet sponge biscuits or cakes for use in desserts) Buchtel -> a bun with sweet filling 
Dampfl -> yeast “pre-dough” 
Dotter -> yolk 
duensten ->  to steam 
Eiklar ->  egg white 
Einbrenn ->  roux 
Erdaepfel ->  potatoes 
Faschiertes ->  ground meat, traditionally an equal mixture of pork and beef (faschieren = to grind using a masticator) 
Fisolen ->  green beans 
Fritatten ->  crepe strips 
gekocht ->  boiled 
Germ -> yeast 
Geselchtes ->  smoked meat 
Gespritzter ->  wine mixed with soda or mineral water 
glattes Mehl ->  very fine textured cake flour 
griffiges Mehl -> granular flour 
Gugelhupf ->  a popular coffee cake 
Heidelbeeren -> blueberries 
Heurige -> early potatoes 
Karfiol  -> cauliflower 
Karotten ->  carrots 
Kartoffelpueree ->  mashed potatoes 
Kipfler -> the best potato variety for Austrian potato salad(similar to “ Bamberger Hoernchen”) 
Knoedel ->  dumplings 
Kohl -> savoy cabbage 
Kohlsprossen -> Brussels sprouts 
Krapfen -> sweet pastry, similar to a filled donut 
Kraut -> cabbage (typically red and green varieties) 
 -> horseradish 
Laibchen -> small patties 
Lungenbraten ->  tenderloin 
Marille -> apricot 
Marmelade -> preserves 
Mehlspeise -> dessert 
Melanzani -> eggplant 
Nockerln -> small dumplings 
Obers -> cream 
Palatschinke -> crepe 
panieren -> to bread (in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs) 
Rexglas -> preserving jar or glass 
Rindslungenbraten -> beef tenderloin 
Rostbraten -> broiled or pan fried beef sirloin 
Rote Ruebe -> red beet 
Sauerkraut -> fermented cabbage 
Sauerrahm -> sour cream (15 % fat) 
Schlagobers -> whipped cream 
Schmalz -> lard 
Schwammerln -> mushrooms 
Schweinsstelze -> crispy roast knuckle of pork 
Semmel -> kaiser roll 
Staubzucker -> powdered sugar 
Stelze -> knuckle (of veal, pork, etc.) 
Sulz -> aspic 
Topfen -> a curd cheese similar to American farmers’ cheese 
Vogerlsalat -> lamb’s lettuce 
Zwetschke -> plum