General Terms and Conditions of Use and Business

Styria Medienhaus Lifestyle GmbH & Co

Office: Hainburger Straße 33, 1030 Vienna
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In short “strudelandschnitzel”

Brief summary of the most important points:

  • These General Terms and Conditions of Use and Business apply for all interactive and mobile/digital services of the operator, in particular for all websites (hereinafter “the Website”), (all interactive services hereinafter “Service”).
  • The online use of our Service is currently free of charge.

1.) Rights of third parties (“Property Rights”)

2.) Indemnity against claims and action

3.) Liability

4.) Data protection

5.) Deleting contributions, cooperation with authorities

6.) Advertising on

7.) Other provisions

As at: 20/03/2020

These GTC can be amended at any time. If users continue to use the Service in knowledge of such an amendment this shall be deemed as tacit acknowledgment of the amended GTC. Any GTC of other persons shall have no validity unless expressly consents to this validity in writing.

strudelandschnitzel operates interactive services. strudelandschnitzel acts merely as a service provider.

This Service is currently offered free of charge. strudelandschnitzel reserves the right at any time to demand payment of a fee or suspend the Service offered, and to amend or delete information or data, without stating reasons.

strudelandschnitzel cannot guarantee that the Service will be compatible with the user’s technical equipment.

strudelandschnitzel assumes no liability whatsoever for the constant availability of the Service, for faults, delays or interruptions in the transmission, loss or deletion, virus, misuse, accuracy, completeness or up-to-dateness of data, or for damages that arise through the use of the data or the Service.

Data or the use of the Service by the user must not be liable to cause damage to the computer or networks of strudelandschnitzel or other persons, or to interfere unlawfully in computers, Services, servers or networks (e.g. viruses).

Conditions for users:

1.) Rights of third parties (“Property Rights”):

The user of the Service acknowledges that rights (copyright, patent, trade mark or other intellectual or tangible property rights) exist to contributions retrievable on all strudelandschnitzel Services, such as information, text, photos, logos/trade marks, design/layout, user names, titles, etc. (in short “Portal Information”). Usage is permitted therefore only for private use within the scope of the statutory provisions. Taggings and other references may not be deleted, falsified or concealed without the consent of the authorised party. In particular, any commercial exploitation, commercial provision of information, further reproduction, dissemination, publication and/or provision, compilation or supplementation of directories for the public in whatever type or form (online, CD-ROM, Internet, print) as well as storage and/or compilation in a database or as a collected edition shall require the express prior approval of the rights holder.

2.) Indemnity against claims and action

The user shall give strudelandschnitzel full indemnity against claims and actions of third parties on account of infringed rights or for any other reason for which the user is responsible.

3.) Liability
a) strudelandschnitzel provides an interactive Service as a service provider. The Portal Information can in part be provided by third parties. strudelandschnitzel is not responsible for these contributions and assumes no liability.

strudelandschnitzel is responsible only for contributions which strudelandschnitzel itself creates, publishes and disseminates.

b) For damages for which according to the statutory provisions strudelandschnitzel is responsible, strudelandschnitzel shall be liable only in the case of intent and gross negligence. In respect of any further claims, in particular loss of profits, loss of interest, compensation for defects and consequential damages, damage resulting from delays, intellectual damages, damages of third parties, etc., strudelandschnitzel shall not be liable unless otherwise mandated by law.

c) Insofar as retrievable contributions are uploaded and made available on behalf of third parties, strudelandschnitzel assumes no liability of any kind for the content, accuracy, up-to-dateness or reliability of the contributions, nor for any typing or transmission errors.

d) Adverts of third parties do not constitute a binding offer from strudelandschnitzel. Any conclusion of contract is made exclusively between the advertiser or the third party named in the advertisement and the user who accepts the offer. strudelandschnitzel assumes no liability for the suitability of the goods or services offered or for whether or not a transaction (contract) materialises or for claims of any type whatsoever relating to this.

e) Under no circumstances shall strudelandschnitzel be held liable for any losses or damages which the user incurs through reliance on information he/she has obtained within the context of using the Service.

f) The user should therefore direct claims of whatever type that are based on contributions of third parties not to strudelandschnitzel, but instead always directly to these third parties and if need be, pursue these in court.

g) Linking:

Links on the website of strudelandschnitzel are welcome as long as they are external links and are reproduced in each case as full pages (incl. navigation frame). A takeover of the main window of strudelandschnitzel into the linkmaker’s own frame or using inline linking is not permissible.

h) Insofar as the web address and its sub-pages contain links to other websites, strudelandschnitzel assumes no responsibility whatsoever for either the content (e.g. illegal, erroneous or incomplete contributions) of these websites or for damages arising from the use of linked information.

4.)  Data protection:

For information on this subject, please read the strudelandschnitzel-Cookie Policy.

5.)   Deleting contributions, cooperation with authorities:

a) strudelandschnitzel is not able to check contributions of third parties in advance. strudelandschnitzel shall delete such contributions which violate laws, particularly civil or criminal laws, or standards of public decency, insofar as strudelandschnitzel becomes aware of these. This also includes contributions with, for example, illicit objectives as well as harassing behaviour or contributions with pornographic, national-socialist, racist, seditious or anti-constitutional content or the use of vulgar, abusive or hate-filled language which strudelandschnitzel perceives to be injurious to itself or others. If a contribution is deleted, the user concerned shall have no claim whatsoever to remuneration and/or any other claim to damage compensation.

b) strudelandschnitzel reserves the right to delete contributions and to cooperate with government bodies which undertake investigations relating to material distributed via or to the illegal activities of a user. This also includes activities in the area of private electronic communication.

6.) Advertising on strudelandschnitzel:

For all queries on the subject of advertising, please contact our Sales Manager Eva Zechberger ([email protected]).  

7.) Other provisions:

All communications, notifications, reminders, complaints, setting of deadlines or other legally relevant declarations shall require the written form. In cases of doubt the date of the postmark stamp of an Austrian post office shall be valid.

The place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction is Vienna; Austrian law shall apply under exclusion of the reference norms of Austrian international private law and of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Should individual provisions of these GTC contradict mandatory legal regulations or be null and void, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue to be effective. Such provisions shall be replaced by valid and enforceable provisions which achieve the intended purpose as far as is possible. The same shall apply in the event of a loophole.