Warm Dessert Recipes

Warm Dessert Recipes – not just for a dessert.
We Austrians just love a warm dessert! So much that we sometimes eat it as a main course! And why shouldn’t we? If you’ve ever eaten a seductively fluffy, but also powerfully filling “Germknödel” (yeast dumpling), you know what we are talking about!
Don’t worry, we skip the dessert after this kind of main course 😉

The pride of Austrian cuisine
Whether Apfelstrudel (apple strudel), Kaiserschmarrn (chopped sugared pancake with apple compote or jam), Buchteln (oven-baked dumplings filled with jam) or Marillenknödel (apricot dumplings), it would be impossible to imagine our country’s cuisine without these sweet classics. Typical Austrian warm dessert promise to “make your mouth water”.

Go on a tour through Austria’s sweet offerings and give one of our warm dessert recipes a try!