Sweets & Pastries

Sweets are the passion of Austrians! We love our famous pastries, seductive desserts or the popular sweet main courses.
And the numerous guests who come to Austria every year fall in love as well!
To ensure that your introduction to Austrian Sweet Recipes is as easy as possible, we have put together a tasty selection for you.

Start with basic sweets
Sweet basic recipes such as Palatschinken (pancakes) or Striezel (sweet buns) are well-established in our Austrian cookbooks. Childhood favorites such as creamy Grießkoch (semolina porridge) and fluffy Golatschen (stuffed pastries) accompany us throughout our whole lives.
Once you have the basic recipe, it’s really easy to vary many flour-based dishes. Often the big secret is only that the filling differs. In this way you can create a whole new taste experiences.

Sweets for eyerday
In addition to wonderful pastries for special occasions, we also like to bring sweet taste into our everyday kitchen. Mohnnudeln or Germknödel are main courses for sweet toothers. Palatschinken or Marillenknödel are two of the most popular sweet dishes.

Sweets in perfection – Cakes, Tartes and Slices
For those who like to bake cakes, tarts and slices, we have some of the very best pastries recipes that Austrian cuisine has to offer.
Sachertorte, Malakofftorte, Gugelhupf, Linzer Cake or Esterházy Schnitten are just some of the classics.

Sweets for special holidays
At no time do Austrians bake more than at Christmas. Christmas cookies are the absolute stars of the pastry heaven. But also at Easter, Mother’s Day or Halloween, sweets are baked with a lot of love. Read more about it: Austrian Celebration Culture.