Styrian Cuisine

Hearty, spicy, Styrian Cuisine! The greenest province of Austria is a culinary paradise.
Styrian cuisine offers some really interesting specialities! People love our Pumpkin Seed Oil, Buckwheat Mush (Hoadensterz) or Pork Hock Spou (Klachlsuppe).
In the “belly of Austria” you will find simple farmer’s cuisine.  But Styria also indulges in contemporary light cuisine. It simply offers something for every taste.

Some of the best Austrian cooks are from Styria.  So you will find some really awesome restaurants around the beautiful province.

When it comes to wine and beer the choice of high quality winemakers and brewers is just enormous! It is not for nothing,  that the south of Styria is called “Austria’s Tuscany”.

Styrian Cuisine offers some highlights around the year. Recipes with seasonal ingredients like elderflower or chestnut are especially popular.

If you have the chance to visit Styria, you can look forward to wonderful landscapes and tasty cuisine. Until then: look into our recipes and bring the Styrian delicacies into your kitchen. Enjoy the taste of Styria!


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