Strudel Recipes

The best Strudel Recipes – from Arnold Schwarzeneggers grandma to famous chefs
Strudel Recipes, like Apple Strudel or Cream Strudel are very popular in Austria and around the world. One might say from a culinary viewpoint Austria is THE country of Strudels (layered filled pastry). After all, the former Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, names his grandmother’s apple strudel as one of his favorite recipes. The chefs of the countries best restaurants  time and again try to find new interpretations of the traditional dish.

Strudel Country – all courses of the menu conquered
And, as one would expect of such a “Strudel country”, it doesn’t matter at all, which as which course of the menu a strudel is served. You can eat is as a main course or as a warm dessert – or enjoy it cooled down!
And as famous as our sweet Strudels are , there are also very delicious savory versions. Give  Cabbage Strudel or Tyrolean Dumplings a try.