Quick recipes

Quick recipes in Austrian style
Even though we like to cook elaborate dishes for special occasions, cooking usually has to happen quickly in everyday life.
But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring tasty food to the table! We present a collection of the most popular Austrian Quick Recipes!

Legendary Austrian “Fast Food”
Some of our quick dishes have almost reached cult status! Sausages with Goulash Juice, Bacon Pasta or Farmer’s Toast – most Austrians couldn’t live without this down to earth and hearty food .

Have a little snack or “It´s Jausn-Time!”
“A Haße mit Scherzerl und a Hüsn” (Please try to pronounce that correctly!) – is more or less what a quick jausn (snack) order in a traditional rustic tavern or one of those infamous fast food/roast sausage stands would sound like. Basicly it this tongue twister is a sausage with a piece of bread and a beer.
If you stop in one of the alpine huts after a hike or if you visit with friends at on of our wine taverns or “Heurigen ” you may eat a
hearty Brettljausn (ham and cheese selection on a wooden platter) or Saures Rindfleisch (Marinaded Beef). You can easily give these quick recipes a try at home!