Goulash Recipes

Goulash Recipes – An dish with a lot of history
The famous paprika stew “Goulash” or “Gulasch” which originally comes from Hungary is and always was exceptionally popular in Austria. This is proven by old cookbooks where you find to see the word “goulash” as often as the word “rocket” (salad) in modern cookbooks. Yesterday as well as today the (not so) secret ingredients are diced meat, plenty of onions and plenty of paprika.

Why you should use tough meat
Unlike most meat dishes, goulash is also suitable for tough meat, as it is stewed slowly and gently. Paprika, caraway, marjoram, onion and garlic and, depending on the recipe, potatoes, cabbage or even sausages belong in a proper goulash. There are many Goulash recipes and it  can be prepared in a lot of different ways: whether classic Beef Goulash, hearty Potato Goulash or Bohemian Mushroom Goulash.

Do not eat Austrian Goulash freshly cooked!
Nobody eats goulash fresh – the real connoisseur warms it up at least once and enjoys the ever improving taste. That´s why it can be easily prepared in larger quantities with the added advantage that it tastes just as good when reheated!

Goulash – Perfekt party food
As an integral part of Austrian home cooking, it can also be found on every tavern menu and is popular at New Years Eve parties or as a hangover breakfast.