Deep fried Recipes

Are you looking for deep fried recipes? Don’t look any further!
It’s not a secret that Austrians love crispy breaded dishes. We just can’t help it!
Breaded food has always had a long tradition and played a major role in Austrian cuisine. And it is indeed easy to see why!
Battered food, cooked in hot fat, remains especially succulent. Classic ingredients for crispy breading are flour, breadcrumbs and egg.

Austrian deep fried recipes are very versatile
Fried Chicken, Wiener Schnitzel and Baked Cheese or Baked Mushrooms – we love them all.

Sweet art of Deep Frying
And then there is the sweet version of deep fried dishes. Basically a combination of fat and sugar – two wonderful flavor carriers that make the dishes irresistible. However, it should only be included sparingly in your daily diet. Better to eat rarely, but enjoy it all the more!
Don’t miss the famous Krapfen or Baked Apple Rings

Immerse yourself in the world of our crisy breaded specialities!