Cake Recipes

Cake recipes are the backbone of Austrian Sweet Cuisine
Our confectioners have made Austrian pastries like “Sacher Torte” or “Linzer Cake” famous all over the world. Lesser internationally known are  heavenly “Kardinalschnitten” (biscuit/meringue slices with cream and jam filling), delicious cream slices or fluffy “Donauwellen” (cake with cherry and cream and chocolate topping), which all are very popular in cafes as well as in Austrian homes. These sweet eye candies hardly anyone can resist.

Looks good, sounds good!
“Gugelhupf” (Markble Cake) has a nice, funny name and it is the favorite of the Austrian sweet tooth. It is very easy to bake and has a very striking shape. You can recognize it immediately in any pastry display case! Among the numerous cake recipes in old family cookbooks there are for sure a lot for Gugelhupf. If you even have a very special one from your grandma, consider yourself lucky!