Christmas Cookies – A Sweet Austrian Tradition

You will love our Christmas Cookies! Baking of Christmas cookies has a long tradition in Austria. It is safe to say: we are crazy about it. Very often recipes are passed on over generations. A good Christmas cookies recipe from dear grandma is still the most valuable! And although every year new varieties are born, the classic recipes are simply the most popular.

When it is cold outside and the Christmas season has been rung in, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy these sweet little treats in your cosy warm home. Baking together with family or friends is one of the most beautiful Christmas delights.

  • Almost 50% of Austrians bake their own biscuits.
  • An amazing 37% of men are baking.
  • 91% of Austrians can’t imagine Christmas without cookies.
  • The most popular cookies are the Vanilla Crescents.

Whether dipped in chocolate, with a dash of jam or simply dusted with a little icing sugar, you can’t help but love Austria’s Christmas cookie classics. And for your very own peace of mind:  please do not count calories!

We have put together our favorite recipes for you to enjoy: the tender Vanillekipferl, the cheeky, smiley-like Linzer Cookie or the fragrant Cinnamon Star! And of course, that bright, sugar pink tipsy Punschkrapfen  is a welcome guest on every biscuit plate. Last but not last Gingerbread, just like in the US, is a special favorite as well.

By the way, homemade baked goods also make a lovely gift for your loved ones!