Diced meat, onions and paprika – these are the key ingredients for the classic Beef Goulash, an all-round popular paprika stew! Although the goulash doesn’t originally come from Austria but from Hungary, it has become a classic traditional dish loved by tourists and Austrians alike. Tender meat combined with a creamy sauce perfects the dish.



  • 1 kg onions (finely chopped)
  • oil
  • 2 tbsp tomato puree
  • 3 tbsp paprika powder (sweet)
  • 2 tsp paprika powder (hot)
  • 1 litre beef broth or water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 tsp caraway
  • 1 tbsp marjoram
  • 2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 chilli pepper
  • 1 kg goulash meat
  • a little flour (optional, for thickening)
  • a little water (optional, for thickening)

Directions for Beef Goulash

  1. Peel onions, finely chop and fry until golden brown in plenty of oil. Stir in a little tomato puree, lower the heat and add the paprika powder and stir well.
  2. Pour over the warm soup or water. Increase the heat and season with salt, pepper, caraway, marjoram, finely chopped garlic, bay leaf and a little fresh chilli.
  3. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes – uncovered – and then lower the heat again.
  4. Season the meat with salt and add to the liquid without frying it first. Leave to simmer on a low heat for approx. 3 hours and add a little cold water now and again if necessary.
  5. With the onions in the mixture, it isn’t really necessary to thicken the goulash. However, if it isn’t thick enough, mix a little flour and water and use to thicken the goulash – in the same way as grandma always did!

GOES WELL WITH Buttered Dumplings and fresh Kaiser Rolls.

The pinwheel-shaped Kaiser roll has a very special place amongst Austrian side dishes.
The pinwheel-shaped Kaiser Roll has a very special place amongst Austrian breads and rolls. It’s a classic side dish weather for breakfast or as a snack.


When making goulash it is worth bearing in mind the saying, “Gut Ding braucht Weile” (or, “All good things come to those who wait”) as the dish requires time. The longer you let the meat simmer, the more tender it will become. The juice, in particular, requires time to achieve the perfect consistency and unique taste. 


The good thing about this dish is that you can make a batch in advance – the more of grandma’s style Beef Goulash you make, the better as it’s always even tastier on the day after it has been made or after it has been reheated a few times – as the Austrian saying, “Aufgwärmt is nua a Gulasch guat” (“The only reheated dish which tastes good is goulash”) confirms!
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Austrian's creamy veal goulash with butter dumplings requires tender veal, onions, bacon and double cream.
Creamy Veal Goulash with Butter dumplings requires tender veal, onions, bacon and double cream. Served with a glass of beer we say: “Prost & Mahlzeit”!


Goulash originated in Hungary. When it entered Viennese cuisine in the mid-19th century it was very different to the dish which is so popular here today – it was instead a thin soup made with paprika, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. However, in Vienna it developed into a creamy, spicily seasoned dish with meat. is Accordingly, goulash is a “Viennese child” and it is really only the name which is Hungarian. The dish was extremely popular even many years ago and this is reflected in its diversity as well as old cookbooks where the word goulash appears as often as the word “rocket” (salad) in modern day cookbooks. 


Whether for classic Szegedin goulash with pork, traditional beef or fine veal goulash: with the STAY SPICED ! Goulash spice preparation succeeds in making the perfect goulash by turning the cooking spoon upside down. Important goulash ingredients such as untreated sea salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, shallots and parsley root ensure this in the delicious spice creation. The main actor in the spice preparation for goulash is, of course, the original sweet Hungarian paprika powder, which gives each goulash its typical taste – intensely fruity, sweet and yet piquant.

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