At a glance
♦ founded in 1986 in Sarleinsbach
♦ Members / owners of the cooperative: 92 farmers
♦ Employees: 45
♦ 280 tons of herbs are grown annually
♦ 100% certified organic products

In the 1980s, many farmers in the region Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) could no longer cope with classic agriculture. Many families were about to give up their farms. It was quickly clear that the future of small-scale agriculture, as found in the Mühlviertel, is specialization.

In 1986, 21 young farmers decided to set up a cooperative and jointly produce organic herbs and organic spices. And in this year the Austrian Mountain Herb Cooperative was founded. This pioneering spirit was rewarded, as many farmers either switched completely to organic herb cultivation or could build up an additional branch on the farm.

3 basic pillars of the brand philosophy valid until today they are defined from the beginning:

♦ 100% organic
♦ as many herbs as possible from regional cultivation
♦ highest quality

In addition to our standard assortment like organic herbal and fruit teas, organic spices an spice mixes the assortment was constantly extended and expanded. Over the years organic syrups, organic chocolate, organic vinegars and organic herbal baths were added.

Based on the first products, such as our organic Welcome Tea, the range has now expanded to over 800 items, all created by the in-house sensor team. Our sensor team only has one aim: to surprise you with new taste experiences again and again.

With herbs and spices we connect different regions of the earth. They bring to life dishes that we have eaten there. In Austria, the spice preparation bestseller Pork roast recalls the crispy roast from grandma’s kitchen, the scent of tasty Bauernbrot reminds us of our fluffy side dish companion or a hint of cinnamon and sugar in the air makes us dream of warm Apple strudel to our coffee gossip.

The products of the Austrian Mountain Herb Cooperative are developed, produced and processed with great passion.

Convince yourself, because organic and quality is the passion!