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We proudly present: www.strudelandschnitzel.com
The new website for the very best Austrian recipes!
We offer authentic recipes to all those interested in Austria.
Bring a piece of Austria to your home and directly into your kitchen!

www.strudelandschnitzel.com offers a large selection of popular dishes. You will find taste-stimulating photography and practical step-by-step instructions. Or watch a video for easy cooking.

We also introduce you to typical Austrian traditions. You can visit a “Heuriger”. Indulge in coffee houses or get a feeling for the famous “Christkindlmarkt” culture.

Or take a look behind the scenes of successful Austrian companies. You will find beautiful dishes, great products and much more.

Enjoy a short trip through Austria!

Our team:
Brand Manager: Eva Zechberger
Editors: Stephanie Andert, Christine Egger
Photos: Alpenkoch e.U., ichkoche.at, Getty Images
Development: Pierre Flitsch, Alenka Vozelj, Andreas Stegbauer
Translations: Institute CEF Kern Austria GmbH

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For recipes in German language please visit: www.ichkoche.at